Fret not, here are some quick Q&As to get you up to speed!

“Where are you located?”


5A Guillemard Road
Wing Fong Building
Main Sanctuary @ 2nd Floor
Minor Hall, Children Rooms & Cradle Room @ 4th Floor
Singapore 399685

“When do you conduct your corporate service?”

On Sundays.

“What time should I arrive?”

“What should I wear?”

We should dress for public worship in a way that is generally considered modest, decent and appropriate. Standards of dressing change over time and are different from church to church, but we should avoid any style of dressing that is offensive or sends a message opposing the church community’s values.

“Where will I take my kids?”

We have a Sunday school (New Horizon Kids) programme for kids aged 2-12 on the 4th floor which runs concurrently with the adult service. Please kindly pick up your kids on the 4th floor after the adult service ends.

“What can we expect?”

Our service guide is as such:

Emcee Opening

 Praise & Worship in Song


 Preaching of the Word

 Altar Call or Closing Song

• Announcements


You are warmly invited to help yourself to some refreshments in the hospitality lounge after service.

“I have other questions…”

Feel free to contact us by giving us a call at 6284 6243 or filling up the form below.

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